RST Global Vision Management and Consulting Firm, LLC - Believes for a business to function properly and meet its goals, the organization and its technology need to align to provide the most for the company. Ensuring that the organization stays focused on all its different core businesses while promoting the best technology for stakeholders gives them the most potential for success.


Organizational Alignment

  • Optimal organization performance requires the focus of its resources in the most productive manner possible. This focusing process requires an alignment of the business plan, quality plan, strategic plan, research, and development plan.

  • Requires that a leading purpose be established to which all the work of an organization is aligned and designed to achieve.

  • The problem today is that every organization has so many plans that they compete with one another for the limited resources available.

  • Each part of the organization is working to achieve its individual mission, but due to the lack of clear alignment, the total result is sub-optimized.





















Technology Alignment

  • The primary goal is to ensure existing and future technology investments are aligned with and enable tactical operating objectives and business strategy to the greatest extent possible.

  • Two key contributors to a successful technology alignment between the enterprise and IT strategy are as follows:

  • Effective processes – An organization’s processes sit between IT and enterprise strategy. If adequate processes are not in place, this alignment will not be successful.

  • Scope and Governance of the information technology organization – must have processes, practices, and procedures that scale to meet the requirements and expectations of the enterprise strategy.

RST Global Vision Management and Consulting Firm, LLC - is here to help your business work through these organizational and technological hurdles and help you align both.  With our team of skilled professionals, we can make sure your organization is aligned and ready to achieve success.  Call now for your business consultation (614) 735-6474.

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